Buying a Rollator

Rollators are all-wheel walkers, (i.e. a wheel on every leg). Rollators generally allow the user to move quicker, since, unlike the walker, there is no need to lift the rollator with every step. When buying rollators there are several factors you may want to consider. For people intending to walk long distances, a rollator can be very beneficial.

When deciding on which rollator to buy, consider the following:

  • Will you be using the rollator both indoors and outdoors? If so, you may consider a rollator with larger wheels. Larger wheels make it easier to push them over uneven surfaces and also provide more stability.
  • Will you be transporting your rollator in a car or bus? Lightweight rollators such as this one can be lifted easily and taken anywhere. If you buy a folding rollator, verify whether the basket is detachable, and if so, how easy is it to detach the basket from the rollator.
  • The height of the rollator. Similar to when buying a walker, you must find the appropriate height of your rollator to avoid stress on your shoulders and back. To measure your rollator height, stand straight with your shoes on, arms hanging by your sides. Measure from your wrist to the floor. This is the height your rollator should be at.
  • Brakes. Ensure that your rollator comes with brakes, a very important safety precaution.

This can be used as a traditional rollator, and when the user is tired, he/she can sit back and relax and be pushed around by the caregiver. This combination chair has specially designed seats that allow for transportation, unlike the seats of traditional rollators, which can only be used for resting.