Buying a Wheelchair

If you’re not sure what type of wheelchair you need, you can use the chart below to see the basic differences between the two types of wheelchairs we supply. Click on the name of any of the mobility chair types listed in the chart below to learn more about it and its uses. 

Transport Chairs

The least expensive and lightest mobility chair is the transport wheelchair. Since they are designed to be propelled by an attendant, they are also known as attendant or companion chairs. Their average weight of 15 to 20 pounds means easy transportation and storage. With this push-chair, you may want to look into cushions for extra comfort, especially if you will be using it for longer periods of time. Heavy duty transport wheelchairs should be used for heavier individuals.

Manual Wheelchairs

For independent individuals with enough upper body and arm strength, the manual wheelchair is the most efficient and affordable option. Self-propelled wheelchairs are propelled by the occupant by turning the rails of the large rear wheels. These standard wheelchairs are durable and are great for long-term use, especially since they need less maintenance than their powered counterparts, and the physical activity it provides is beneficial to the user’s overall health.

Many customers prefer foam cushions because they are inexpensive and lightweight. A contoured foam cushion provides improved sitting stability and comfort.

The most popular cushion is the Gel/Foam variety, a relatively inexpensive but dependable cushion that offers better pressure relief than foam cushions.

Gel cushions such as EquaGel are more expensive, but they can be contoured for better support and excellent pressure distribution. EquaGel is more durable than regular gel cushions because it is filled with solid gel and won’t leak like their liquid counterparts.

Air cushions are used by patients at high risk of pressure sores and need proper maintenance to ensure that they’re functioning properly.

The higher-priced cushions are quality cushions designed for therapeutic purposes such as sore prevention.