Walkers vs. Rollators

Accepting that you or your loved one needs a walker is an emotional decision – before using a mobility device most feel like they’re ‘giving in’ to their mobility challenge. However, once the device is in use, the feeling is opposite; the fear of falling is reduced and people feel more independent because they are not dependent on a loved one or caregiver.

What is the difference between a walker and a rollator?

A walker is simply a handled frame with legs, while a rollator has three or four wheels, a seat, handlebars and hand-operated brakes.

A Walker

could be the right choice if a person…

  • Cannot bear weight on one or both legs such as after a hip replacement surgery
  • Is mobile enough not to require a wheelchair
  • Needs to navigate narrower spaces
  • A cane no longer offers the needed support

What kind of Walkers are available?

  • With or without wheels
  • One or two buttons for folding
  • With a basket or a tray
  • Height adjustable
A Rollator

could be the right choice if a person…

  • Is able to walk steadily but fatigues easily
  • Needs help with balance
  • Wants the option of three or four wheels
  • Wants a mobility aid for indoor and outdoor use

What kind of Rollators are available?

  • Three or four wheels with varying wheel sizes of 6” – 8”
  • Loop or push down brakes
  • Junior, hemi, standard or tall height sizes
  • Lightweight
  • With a basket or pouch
  • With a cane and/or cup holder
  • Bariatric/heavy duty

Choose the best Walker or Rollator for your or your loved one’s mobility needs.