Buying a Shower Chair

One of the most common household accidents is slipping or falling in the shower. The good thing is that it is the kind of accident that can be easily avoided. You probably already have an idea that it is the combination of soap and water on the bathroom tiles that makes them very slippery and causes you to fall in the shower. The easiest and least costly way to avoid such accidents, therefore, is to use shower chairs, which can be bought from a number of local and online stores.

Shower chairs are especially designed for comfortable and safe seating in the shower. The various models of shower chairs usually incorporate a set of safety features that are aimed towards the prevention of slipping and falling in the shower. Shower chairs are usually made from durable waterproof materials such as aluminum combined with plastic. There is a wide range of shower chair models that you can choose from. There are shower chairs with arm rests, adjustable legs, and handles. There are also those that feature optional seatbelts, which can be essential in preventing kids from falling while taking a shower. What’s important is that you choose a shower chair with features that cater to your specific needs.

When you go shopping for a shower chair, you should also make sure to check the chair legs. There are a number of special features that may be incorporated into the legs of shower chairs to prevent it from slipping on the bathroom floor. Features like rubber tags are great for this purpose, but adhesive stickers may not be as effective. It is a good idea to choose a shower chair that has several non-slip features so that if one of these features fails to do its job, the other features can still keep you and your loved ones safe. You should also make sure that the chair legs are steady so that the person using it won’t have any problem holding on when sitting down or getting up from the chair.

Many people prefer the compact and easy-to-store type of shower chair. However, there are also several advantages to using a fixed shower chair. As its name implies, this type of chair is affixed to the shower area or bathtub permanently, thus ensuring that it does not move, shake, or slip during use. This type of shower chair is perfect for those who have a large shower area. It is also a good idea to choose a fixed shower chair if there are many people who will be using it. Additional safety features such as support handles and transfer benches also make it easy for people with physical disabilities to use shower chairs without too much hassle. Take note, however, that fixed shower chairs may not be ideal for small bathrooms, as there may not be enough space to accommodate it.