About Us

Seniors Health Products (SHP) is a fast-growing company that provides safe, easy to use, high quality and innovative products to seniors, caregivers and health care providers. Our aim is to provide products at low cost while helping to empower seniors to become more independent in their homes.

We carry a large and unique selection of Home Health Care Products for seniors, baby boomers and caregivers in Canada. We are committed to providing great customer service to make your life more comfortable and provide free shipping for orders above $100.

On our site you can find many products that will help to make your life safer and comfortable. You will see products that assist caregivers and help you maintain independence in your own home. Personal cleanliness, safety and convenience is of utmost importance to seniors in maintaining their independence and dignity. Many of our products can provide safe bathing or toileting experience without expensive bathroom redesign. If you have difficulty walking around, we have many variety of walkers or we can install a ramp or place a grab bar in the bathroom or other areas in your home.